Pest Control Blog a round-up of latest articles and news regarding Pestek Pest Control. I will post articles in this section with advice on how to resolve pest issues and how to prevent them from happening in the first place. I will also post details of interesting pest control issues I have dealt with check in from time to time to see what I have been up-to :)

I have mice in my house should I be worried?

The house mouse is a small, slender rodent with a slightly pointed nose; small, black protruding eyes; and a nearly hairless tail with scale rings. Mice are considered the most troublesome and economically damaging rodent pests in Britain. ...

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Can rats get into my house?

Rats are the most destructive pests known to man. Rats are also the known source of numerous diseases which can afflict humans and domestic animals. Rats will contaminate food and will cause extensive damage to buildings and equipment in homes, warehouses, granaries, restaurants and bakeries, anywhere food is handled or stored. ...

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How do I get rid of moles in the garden?

Mole Traps are the safest and most effective way to control moles. The design is quite simple. Most modern traps have the same basic design as traps that was in use a hundred years ago. ...

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How do I tell the difference between rat and mouse droppings?

A common question I get when home owners find rodent droppings, Is are they from a mouse or a rat.

So, how do you tell the difference between mouse and rat droppings? ...

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How to get rid of pests

Many household pests are simple to get rid of, others such as bed bugs are not so. However successful pest control is not as simple as setting a few mouse traps or spraying a can of bug spray in the general direction of the pest. Correct pest identification is the first step, learning the biology and habits of the pest will help ...

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Pestek is wildlife aware

The safe use of rodenticides is a very important aspect of modern pest control. As part of my continuing training I have attended and passed the wildlife aware accredited Technician course. This qualification is not a course on basic rodent control. Those who attend the course are expected already to possess proficiency through ...

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A year in pest control

Pest control is seasonal, different pests are more active at certain times of the year. Pests to look out for in January and February are rats in gardens, kitchens and lofts. Rat traps and anticoagulant rodenticides are the tools I use most at the start of the year. ...

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How do I get rid of bedbugs?

Bed bugs can be extremely difficult to completely eradicate even professional pest control companies often find complete control difficult to achieve. However I am a specialist in this field and am often called to deal with infestations others have been unable to control. ...

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How do I stop mice getting into my house?

Generally getting rid of mice from your home is a straightforward process. The treatment usually takes a few visits until I can give you the all clear.

However preventing more mice from entering at a later date is not always so simple. The type of building is the main factor when considering preventing future access. For exam ...

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What is the BPCA?

Pestek Pest Control is and has been for around 10 years, a full member of the British Pest Control Association. The BPCA is the trade body for the pest management industry in the UK.

The BPCA members logo is earned, and I am very proud to display it on my website.

The BPCA promotes ...

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Why do I have rats in my garden

Rats are a very common garden pest and can turn up at any time of year. However, during winter when food is in short supply the number of callouts i get for Rats in gardens in Leeds increases.

Why do I have Rats in my garden?

90% of all the garden infestations I deal with are due to ...

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