Wasp nest removal treatments in Leeds

Pestek Pest Control provide 100% guaranteed fixed cost wasp nest removal in Leeds. 60 for the first and 10 for each additional wasps nest. (If treated during the same visit)

Wasps are the most common pest I deal with, and are active between late June to mid November.

A wasp nest removal treatment in Leeds involves injecting the nest with an insecticide powder that gives total control in a couple of hours.

Most nests can be treated from outside the property by using a series of poles to reach the nest entrance. Pressurised Co2 forces an insecticide power into the nest. This equipment is specifically designed for the treatment of wasps nests and negates the need to use ladders.

Wasps can become very agitated when someone is in close proximity to the nest. Wasp stings are not only painful In some extreme cases they can be fatal. Please do not attempt to treat a wasps nest yourself always seek professional help.

How long will the wasp nest treatment take?

The wasp nest treatment process I use usually takes less than 30 mins. The nest should be totally eradicated in a few hours, however occasionally it takes a little longer. All treatments are guaranteed and in the rare case where the treatment is not 100% successful the first time I will call to re treat at no extra cost.

Is a wasp treatment safe?

I take all necessary precautionary measures to make the treatment as safe as possible, the insecticides I use are safe when used correctly. The main concern is wasp stings post treatment. I always make recommendations following a treatment this will be documented on your treatment report.