Rat control services in Leeds

Rats are quite common pests in Leeds, most often in the garden and sometimes inside homes, sheds, garages and other buildings.

Please call to discuss the cost of resolving the problem, I should be able to provide a fixed price quote over the phone after asking a few simple questions.

Rat control treatment methods depend on the location of the problem. Traps and or rodenticides may be utilised during a treatment, a risk assessment will help decide which treatment method I use.

The cost of a rat control treatment will depend on the location of the problem. A small garden treatment is usually much quicker to resolve than an infestation in your home.

How long will the rat treatment take?

Due to legislation and several other factors multiple visits will be required to resolve the problem. Typically a rat treatments takes three visits, sometimes more for larger infestations. As part of a rat eradication treatment I will inspect the area and make recommendations to reduce to chances of problems in the future.

Is a rat control treatment safe?

I take all necessary precautionary measures to make the treatment as safe as possible. Traps have to be set so as to reduce this risk to none target species, the same applies to rodenticides. Safety is number one priority when dealing with rats. If rodenticides are used, pets may need to be excluded from the treatment area for the duration of the treatment. Recommendations will be documented on your treatment report.