Do I need to call pest control?

This is probably the first question that comes to mind when you discover a pest problem. Around half of my customers have attempted to deal with the issue themselves before calling for professional help.

Some pests are very simple to deal with, and do not require the use of pesticides or rodenticides. If this is the case I am more than happy to provide an advice only service.

Other pests however may be more difficult and without the correct knowledge almost impossible to totally eradicate. I am often called in to deal with pest problems where the customer has spent more on DIY products than it would cost for a professional pest control treatment.

Is pest control expensive?

Some pests can be 100% cleared with a simple one off treatment that takes less than half an hour to deal with. Others require several visits and therefore incur a greater cost. Much of the time this is due to legislation that professionals have to follow. Other times due to the life cycle of the pest, treatments need to be spaced at correct intervals to ensure total control is achieved. My prices are usually less than those charged by the larger national pest control companies, such as Rentokil.

Can I buy products to use myself?

Pesticide and rodenticides in the UK fall under 2 categories, amateur and professional use. Most of the products I use during a treatment fall under the latter and cannot be sold to the general public. However, many pests can be totally eliminated without these. Knowledge of the pest, its life cycle and behaviours will determine the safest and quickest way to achieve control. Many times simply changing the environment is enough to resolve the pest issue.