Ant control treatments in Leeds

Ant problems (garden ants) start in April and run through to mid summer. Scout Ants find their way into homes in search of food, If they find any the rest of the colony won't be far behind.

A treatment for garden ants in the home if dealt with early is very simple. The treatment involves treating the affected area with professional use only insecticide ant bait.

The cost of an ant treatment is dependent on the size of the infestation. If dealt with early in April, May even into June the treatment takes less than a half hour.

However, treatment for ants later in the season can take several visits to resolve and are priced accordingly. If you have had ant problems in previous years please call to book a treatment as soon as you see the first ants of the season. I cover all Leeds postcode areas for ant treatments.

How long will the ant treatment take?

As I mentioned above an early season ant treatment takes less that half an hour and is usually resolved with one visit. Infestations in summer will take much longer to deal with.

Is an ant treatment safe?

Modern insecticide baits formulated for use against ant infestations are very safe. The quantity needed to control the entire colony is only a few grams.