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Pestek Pest Control Leeds are a professional pest control company, Covering all Leeds postcode areas and providing a range of pest control services including wasp nest removal & treatments to eradicate pests including ants, rats, mice & fleas.

If you have a pest problem in your home or garden and your in the Leeds area please call, text, email, WhatsApp or use the contact form to discuss how I can help.

Providing pest control services in Leeds since 2008

Pestek Pest Control has been providing pest control in Leeds since 2008. During this time I have experienced and successfully eradicated every type of pest infestation you could think of. I have the experience and qualifications to deal with any type of pest problem.

There is no call out fee or any other additional charges. The price I give during our initial phone or text conversation will be total price you pay for your pest control treatment.

I drive a discreet unmarked vehicle, so your neighbours won't know the reason for my visit.

How much does pest control cost?

There are dozens of pest control companies in Leeds all with different price structures. Some may provide a great service, but at well above the average price. Others may charge very little as they are new to the industry and need to gain experience.

The most important question should be can they solve the problem safely and effectively at a fair price?.

My price structure, as with most other reputable companies, falls somewhere in the middle. I'm much cheaper than a national company and probably more expensive than someone with limited experience and qualifications.

Latest Pestek News

Focus on - Wasp nest eradication Leeds

Queen wasps are active from March / April, with the new workers starting to appear in mid June. From a pest control perspective the wasp season, the time when wasps nests start first get noticed, is usually at the beginning of July. ...

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When do wasps start to build their nests?

Queen wasps have spent the winter overwintering (sleeping) the warmer spring weather tells the wasps its time to wake up. The queen wasps, which mated last autumn are now ready to start looking for a suitable location to build their own nest. ...

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How can I tell the difference between bees and wasps?

Are you seeing just a few going into holes in the brick work? This is likely to be Mason bees, these solitary bees don't build a nest and have a very short life, they will only be around for about 4 weeks. Solitary bees are not a pest they are friendly and won't harm you. (April, May) ...

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Does Pestek Pest Control pest control kill bees?

There are around 270 diferent bee species in the UK. Lets take a look at a few of the most common ones and see which ones we deal with.... ...

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Spring update, Ants and how to get rid of them

From late March until June the most common pest I'm asked to deal with is garden ants. I don't deal with garden ants in the garden as this is where they belong, they are technically not a pest until they enter your home. ...

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