Carpet beetle control services in Leeds

Carpet beetles are very common, they can be found in almost every home in Leeds if you look hard enough. The carpet beetle larvae are often found in dark undisturbed areas such as under furniture and within bed frames, adult beetles are often noted on window sills.

If a treatment is needed the affected areas can be sprayed with an insecticide solution. The process is relatively straightforward.

The cost of a carpet beetle treatment is dependent on the size of the property and number of affected areas. I cover all Leeds postcode areas for carpet beetle treatments.

How long will the carpet beetle treatment take?

The time it takes to treat your home for carpet beetles will depend on the size of the property usually a treatment will be complete in under one hour. Following a treatment you should not re enter the property until the insecticide solution is dry usually 1-2 hours. Following a treatment I will make recommendations to keep numbers under control in the future, this will be documented on your treatment report

Is a carpet beetle treatment safe?

I take all necessary precautionary measures to make the treatment as safe as possible. The insecticide solution I use to control carpet beetles is safe if used correctly. You will be excluded during the treatment and should not return until the insecticide is dry.