Detailed on this page you will find the material safety data sheets for the products I use, while undertaking pest control treatments. You can also read my health and safety statement and an LD50 chart for rodenticides.

Health and safety statement

LD50 Chart

Safety data and product labels for products currently in use.

Biopren 6EC SDS
Biopren 6EC Label
Contrac Blox SDS
Contrac Blox Label
Ficam D SDS
Ficam D Label
Formidor SDS
Formidor Label
K Othrine Partix SDS
K Othrine Partix Label
Oa2ki SDS
Racumin Foam SDS
Racumin Foam Label
Racumin Paste SDS
Racumin Paste Label
Sakarat D Whole Wheat SDS
Sakarat D Whole Wheat Label
Vazor Provecta SDS
Vazor Provecta Label
Vulcan P5PD SDS
Vulcan P5PD Label