Mouse control services in Leeds

Mice are very common household pests in Leeds. They are often found inside homes and garages, usually during the autumn and winter months

Please call to discuss the cost of resolving a mouse problem, I can usually provide a fixed price quote over the phone after asking a few simple questions.

Mouse control treatment methods depend on the location of the problem. Rodenticides may be utilised during a treatment however most of the time a mouse problem can be resolved by trapping alone. I only treat mice indoors, mice in the garden are wildlife and are not a classed as a pest. If you are concerned and want to prevent mice from entering your home I can offer proofing advice following an inspection.

The cost of a mouse control treatment will depend on the extent of the problem, a few mice in the kitchen will be much quicker to resolve than a large infestation throughout the whole property.

How long will the mouse treatment take?

Multiple visits will be required to resolve the problem. Typically a mouse treatment takes three visits, sometimes more for larger infestations. As part of a mouse eradication program I will inspect the area and make recommendations to reduce to chances of problems in the future.

Is a mouse control treatment safe?

I will take all necessary precautionary measures to make the treatment as safe as possible. Traps are set in areas where the mice are spending the most time, under kitchen units and in the loft are the most common areas I find mouse activity. Safety is my number one priority when dealing with rodents. On the rare occasion that rodenticides are used baits will be protected in tamper proof bait stations, recommendations will be documented on your treatment report.