Flea control treatments in Leeds

Fleas are the most common biting insect I deal with, flea problems can happen at any time of year but the majority occur in late summer though to autumn.

A flea treatment involves treating the affected area with a residual, professional use only, insecticide.

The cost of a flea treatment is dependent on the size of the property, a smaller property obviously takes less time to treat and uses less insecticide than a larger one. I cover all Leeds postcode areas for flea treatments

How long will the flea treatment take?

The time it takes to treat a home for fleas will depend on the size of the property but it typically takes less than one hour to complete, this is followed by a couple of hours drying time. Time to complete eradication can be up to 21 days due the fleas life cycle. All treatment are guaranteed and in the rare case where the treatment is not 100% successful the first time I will re treat at no extra cost.

Is a flea treatment safe?

I take all necessary precautionary measures to make the treatment as safe as possible. The insecticides I use to control fleas are safe if used correctly. Both people and pets will need to be excluded during the treatment and until the insecticide is dry. I always make recommendations following a treatment this will be documented on your treatment report.