Moth control treatments in Leeds

The most common type of moth I'm asked to deal with is the is the common clothes moth. The moth larvae cause damage to clothing and more commonly wool carpets. The larval stage of the life cycle can last several years before adult moths finally emerge.

A moth treatment involves treating the affected area with a residual, professional use only insecticide, the process is relatively straightforward.

The cost of a moth treatment is dependent on the size of the property and number of affected areas. I cover all Leeds postcode areas for moth treatments

How long will the moth treatment take?

The time it takes to treat a home for clothes moths will depend on the size of the property. Treatments typically take less than one hour to complete, post treatment you should not re enter the property until the insecticide has had time to dry, usually 1-2 hours. In some cases several treatments may be required to achieve total control, lighter infestations can usually be cleared in one treatment.

Is a moth treatment safe?

I take all necessary precautionary measures to make the moth treatment as safe as possible. The insecticides I use to control moths are safe if used correctly. You and your pets will be excluded during the treatment and should not re enter the property until the insecticide is dry. Following a moth treatment I will make recommendations to prevent further issues.