Bedbug control treatments in Leeds

Bedbugs, regardless of what you read on the internet are still quite rare. The insects have to be physically brought into your home usually on luggage, sometimes on second hand furniture.

A bedbug treatment involves treating the affected area with a residual professional use only insecticide. The application of the insecticide done in a different more targeted way than a treatment for other insects such as fleas.

The cost of a bedbug treatment is dependent on the size of the affected area. Multiple treatments over several months may be required depending on the level of infestation. I cover all Leeds postcode areas for bedbug treatments.

How long will the bedbug treatment take?

The time it takes to treat a home for bedbugs will depend on the size of the property but it typically takes around one hour per room to complete, this is followed by a couple of hours drying time. Time to complete eradication can be several months. Multiple visits will be required to achieve total control, this is reflected in the cost of a treatment.

Is a bedbug treatment safe?

I take all necessary precautionary measures to make the treatment as safe as possible. The insecticides I use to control bedbugs are safe if used correctly. You and your pets will be excluded during the treatment and until the insecticide is dry. I always make recommendations following a treatment this will be documented on your treatment report.