Wasp nest removal update - June 2021

Wasp nest removal update - June 2021

It's been a slow start to the wasp season for pest controllers across the country this has been down in part to the terrible weather we had during April and May.

However ,I'm now getting quite a few calls to book wasp nest removal treatments. Most of the treatments so far have been straightforward removal of visible nests in garages, sheds and suchlike.

However, now that number of wasps per nest is increasing I'm getting calls for nests in wall cavities, soffits, air vents and roof spaces. These nests only get spotted when the wasps are noticed entering and exiting, as the nest structure is out of view.

If you notice wasps flying in and out of a hole in a wall never block or attempt to block it up. By doing this you aren't, as many people think, preventing the wasps from entering you are preventing them from leaving. The nest is on the other side of the hole, its been there for a month or so and there could be thousands of wasps on the other side. If you block the entrance I can't inject the nest with insecticide, and more importantly they "will" find another way out, and you don't want thousands of angry wasps flying around inside your house.

If your unlucky and discover wasps have moved into your home give me a call or send me a WhatsApp message to discuss.