Tools of the trade - rodent tracking gel

Tools of the trade - rodent tracking gel

Rodent Fluorescent Tracking Gel is one of the tools I use to confirm rodent activity and locate rodent access points. The product is a specially formulated non-toxic fluorescent gel that highlights rodent activity on virtually any vertical or horizontal surface.

When a rat or mouse moves in to a property one of the first things I need to know, is where the rodents are spending time and what routes are they using. There are several ways I do this, often the signs are obvious. However if the evidence is minimal tracking gel is a very useful tool.

I apply the gel to the areas the rat or mouse has been sighted, on the following visit I'm then able to follow the rodents footprints. The prints are not visible to the naked eye, for this we use UV torch. Ultraviolet light also highlights rodent droppings and their urine stains.

Many pest controllers simply place bait or set traps, without any thought about how the rodents gained access and how to prevent it happening again at a later date. When choosing a pest controller check exactly what sort of service they provide and what the treatment will include.

I always point out possible entry points and what steps a customer should take to prevent re infestation. Some are happy to do the work themselves, others ask me to provide a quote to do the work. For a simple proofing job I usually include it in the price, however for more time consuming work I charge an additional fee. If a drain issue is suspected following a rat infestations I always recommend a drain survey by a reputable drainage professional.