Does ant powder get rid of ants?

Does ant powder get rid of ants?

Ant powder is often the first thing homeowners in Leeds look to use when they notice an ingress of garden ants in spring and early summer. Unfortunately, ant powder is not actually very good at getting rid of ants inside your home.

The first problem with ant power is the active ingredient, Permethrin is what most ant powders contain. This particular insecticide is a fast acting one, meaning the only ants that are killed are the scout ants that travel through the powder. The nest, which can be some distance away, will continue to produce more ants and eventually they will find another route into your home.

Another issue it the fact that ant powder is not target specific, meaning it affects many other insects. Pouring a barrier of Permethrin powder around you home and garden will not only look a mess, it will mean that lots of other insects will die. Permethrin can also be extremely toxic to cats and should never be used if you or your neighbours have feline companions.

Ants are beneficial insects when in the garden. Technically they only become a pest when they enter your home. A professional ant treatment will only target the colony that is sending ants into your home. There may well be dozens of other ants nests within reach of your home that cause you no issues whatsoever these should be left alone to continue their work in the garden and provide a food source for larger insects, reptiles and birds.