Why do I have rats in my garden

Why do I have rats in my garden

Rats are a very common garden pest and can turn up at any time of year. However, during winter when food is in short supply the number of callouts I get for rats in gardens increases.

Why do I have rats in my garden?

90% of all the garden infestations I deal with are due to bird feeders. You may not have one but one of your neighbours probably has. The other 10% is made up from putting food waste in compost bins, keeping chickens, rabbits or other pets in the garden. The food you give to them is also just what a rat would like to eat.

I have decking in my garden will this attract rats?

It's not the decking that has brought them into the area, it's the food that you or one of your neighbours is leaving out for them. Once the rats find a regular food source they often look to move in close to it and decking makes a great place to shelter.

How do I get rid of rats?

First, stop feeding them, and secondly call me :)

I have pets, will a treatment put them at risk?

Pets will need to be supervised during the eradication treatment but if done correctly and following best practice getting rid of rats in the garden will cause no risk to your pets.

What can I do to prevent the rats from returning?

After I have cleared the infestation I will make recommendations on what steps you can take to prevent re-infestation. This involves two simple steps, firstly deny the rats food and secondly deny them shelter.