Spring update, Ants and how to get rid of them

Spring update, Ants and how to get rid of them

From late March until June the most common pest I'm asked to deal with is garden ants. I don't deal with garden ants in the garden as this is where they belong, they are technically not a pest until they enter your home.

The ant colony sends out scouts at the start of the season to look for food. If they happen to come across even the smallest amount of a suitable food source inside your home then they will continue to enter until mid summer. A simple and very safe treatment with a professional ant bait will clear the problem colony in less than a week.

The other ant colonies in the garden of which there will be dozens can continue to do their work unharmed. As I have mentioned in previous posts about ants, no amount of ant powder will resolve the problem. Ant powder only works as a barrier, the colony will continue to grow and eventually the ants will find another route in.

My price for a garden ant treatment for the 2023 season is 80, the same as in previous years.

If you are Having issues with ants "inside"your home and you live in Leeds then please get in touch by telephone, email, text or WhatsApp 🙂