Should wasps be protected?

There are a growing number of people who are pushing the idea that wasps are not a pest and that homeowners should not call a pest controller to kill them.

While I agree that wasps are important insects, they are ecologically important predators and they are increasingly recognised as valuable pollinators, although they are very stingy.

My job as a pest controller its to control pests of public health significance. That means things that spread disease, bite, sting and damage food stocks. Wasps come in quite high on the list of public health pests, saying that I don't drive around Leeds looking for wasps nests to wipe out.

If you notice a wasps nest on your property please consider if it needs dealing with at all many nests can be left to run until the end of the season when they will die off naturally. It a all depends on location, is the nest for example at the bottom your garden? Can you leave the area undisturbed until autumn? If so great let the wasps do their important work.

Most of the wasps nests I deal with are located inside peoples homes. While they might not cause too many issues in early summer, by mid August when the nest is home to thousands of wasps it probably will do.

its not uncommon for a wasps nest to actually break through a plasterboard wall or ceiling as can be seen it the images at the top of this page.

I'm sure even the most ardent environmentalist would agree that it would be better to deal with the nest before this happens.

Thanks to Alan (Edinburgh pest control service) and Ian (Arnies pest management) for use of the photos :)

If you do notice a wasps nest and want some advice give me a call.