Pestek is wildlife aware

Pestek is wildlife aware

The safe use of rodenticides is a very important aspect of modern pest control. As part of my continuing training I have attended and passed the wildlife aware accredited technician course. This qualification is not a course on basic rodent control. Those who attend the course are expected to already possess proficiency through practical experience and prior training in rodent pest management, and to have obtained relevant qualifications such as those offered by the Royal Society for the Protection of Health (RSPH) and City & Guilds, or equivalents.

The course is designed to increase the pest technicians understanding of current levels of contamination of wildlife to rodenticides, explain the main primary and secondary routes of exposure of wildlife from rodenticides and alert competent professionals to the techniques that should be adopted to minimise wildlife exposure during rodent pest management in rural settings.

The use of rodenticides is essential to many rural enterprises. Rodenticide use is important in the maintenance of good husbandry, the protection of human and animal health and for the prevention of spoilage, of foodstuffs due to contamination by rodent pests. The use of rodenticides is increasing, both because there is evidence that rodent populations are themselves increasing and because many agricultural audit schemes now insist on structured rodent pest management procedures in all facilities audited under the scheme.

However, there is growing evidence of widespread contamination of wildlife with anticoagulant rodenticides. Many of the species involved are of high conservation status, such as the barn owl, kestrel and red kite. The effects of the low-level residues commonly found are unknown, though there is currently no evidence that these residues are having an adverse effect on any populations of wildlife. Nevertheless, these residues are worrying, are unwanted and are largely unnecessary if fundamental guidelines are followed during the application of rodenticides in the countryside.

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