How do I stop wasps from coming back?

How do I stop wasps from coming back?

Wasps don't come back!!! a wasps nest only runs for one season. They are started by the queen in the spring time and die off at the end of the season, usually around October however some can make it through to December.

If you are unlucky enough get a wasps nest on your property it is totally unrelated to the nest you had in a previous year. Some properties do seem to get a nest or several nests every year. This is simply down to the location. The wasps aren't picking on you, its just that your home is in a location thats a nice place to build a nest.

I visit one particular home every year to treat multiple wasps nests. The house overlooks fields and is one of only a handful of properties in the area. When the queen wasps are looking for a nesting site this particular house is one of the only options.

Unfortunately there is not a lot that can be done to prevent a queen wasp from setting up her home within yours. Its next to impossible to seal every wasp size gap in your home. Particularly around the roof and Soffit area.

Fake wasps nests don't help either I regularly find wasps nests within a few feet of another one.

If you want to book a wasps nest treatment please get in touch.