Focus on - Wasp nest eradication Leeds

Focus on - Wasp nest eradication Leeds

Queen wasps are active from March / April, with the new workers starting to appear in mid June. From a pest control perspective the wasp season, the time when wasps nests first start to get noticed, is usually at the beginning of July. If you notice things that look like wasps before this time it is more likely to be bees, of which there are many different species. By asking a few questions over the phone I can usually tell if what you are seeing is anything to be concerned about.

A wasps nest starts with one wasp, the queen. By July a nest can contain several hundred wasps and by September an average size nest can be home to many thousands. Wasps can be extremely aggressive and I would never recommend you try using a DIY wasp nest treatment. As simple as the process may seem, without the correct equipment its likely you will get stung. One or two stings is unpleasant at best and at worst could lead to a trip to hospital.

Every year I'm called to deal with nests after failed DIY wasp nest treatments, last year as an example at least 3 of them ended with hospitalisation for the homeowner. I have been dealing with wasps since 2008 and would never attempt a wasp nest removal treatment without the correct PPE and remote application equipment.

I provide a professional wasp nest eradication services across Leeds. If you have any questions, would like to book a wasp nest removal treatment, or are unsure if what you have is wasps or bees please get in touch.