Does Pestek Pest Control pest control kill bees?

Does Pestek Pest Control pest control kill bees?

There are around 270 species of bee in the UK. Lets take a look at a few of the most common ones and see which ones I deal with....

Solitary bees - There are around 250 species in this category, none of which are technically a pest. They are usually noted in late spring and often seen entering holes in loose mortar in the walls of your home or small holes in the ground. Solitary bees are highly unlikely to sting and we recommend you leave them alone as they have a short lifespan of 4 to 6 weeks.

Bumble bees - In June I get inundated with calls for wasps which are usually bees. White tailed bumble bees sometimes called tree bees are very chilled out and unlikely to cause any issues. As with solitary bees my recommendation would be to give them space, they are not aggressive and usually die off by August.

Honey bees - It can be very distressing when thousands of honey bees move into your home, however legislation makes it very very difficult to legally deal with them. Pesticide manufacturers have recently changed the wording on product labels to exclude use against honey bees. While technically bees are not protected, a pest controller would be breaking the law if they killed bees with a product that is not licensed for use on them.

NB, I have never killed a honey bee colony even before the label changes 🙂

There are options though, many companies are now offering honey bee removal services. The bees are removed live and sent to live with a bee keeper. Contact the BPCA, British Pest Control Association, who should be able to recommend a honey bee removal specialist.