Do wasps move their nests?

Do wasps move their nests?

Every pest controller occasionally gets a call where the customer claims that "the wasps they treated last week have moved round the back of the house" .....

This is another wasps nest. Wasps don't move their nests after they see the pest control guy walking up the drive.

Some nests simply develop quicker than others and sometimes go un noticed for a bit longer. I even get calls in November where a customer insists the nest appeared only a few days ago.

Wasp nests are all started in the spring time. A single queen wasp starts nest construction. Once the nest is around the size of a golf ball the queen lays a few eggs inside the nest. The eggs develop in to the larval stage and the queen feeds them with chewed up insects. After a couple of weeks the larvae are ready to pupate. After another 12 days or so the mature wasps emerge. From this point on the new wasps continue nest building and food collection while the queen concentrates on laying more eggs. The nest will now rapidly increase in size as will number of wasps that call it home.

Wasps nests only last for one season from spring until autumn. The wasps you had last year or the year before are unrelated to the the ones you have this year.

Another common call pest controllers get is "the wasps you killed last year have come back" but I will save that one for another blog post.

🙂 If you have or suspect you may have a problem wasps nest and you live in Leeds please get in touch.