Do repellents get rid of moles?

Do repellents get rid of moles?

Moles are active all year round and are very common garden pests.

The moles dig a series of feeding tunnels, these tunnels provide the mole with worms. When the mole has eaten all the worms in the area, they dig new tunnels. It's the spoils from these tunnels that the mole pushes up to the surface, known as mole hills.

Moles are solitary apart from in the spring time when they will seek a mate.

There are only a couple of ways to get rid of moles from your garden, the easiest and safest is to catch them with a mole trap. Another legal method is to use a gassing compound, however there are very strict rules regarding its use, as it can be lethal to humans, pets and livestock if used incorrectly.

Moles have no natural predators and as such have nothing to be scared of when underground. They are at risk when above ground so generally stay within their tunnel networks. Mole repellents, garlic, WD40, petrol, moth balls, windmills and any other way you read on the internet will not help to get rid of moles from your garden.

A well set trap will dispatch the mole very quickly and is the most humane method available. There are many types of mole traps available, some more easy to use than others, but it does take experience to know where and how to correctly set them. A professional mole catcher can usually have a small mole problem cleared in under a week.

If you absolutely do not want to kill the mole there is one option but you will need lots of patience. It is possible to dig the mole out when it pushes the soil to the surface. When you see the hill moving push a spade down under the hill and lift, pop the mole in a box and quickly re locate him.