Case study - Mouse infestation Alwoodley

Case study - Mouse infestation Alwoodley

Dealing with mice in peoples homes is one of the most common things I'm asked to deal with, the process is almost always the same, the only difference is the number of mice that need removing.

On this particular job 8 mice were trapped over a one week period, no rodenticide was used as the species was field mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus).

Rodenticides are not labelled for use against field mice as they are food for many other animals, using rodenticides where field mice are present means that you are inadvertently poisoning the animals that eat them. Rodenticides are only labelled for use against the house mouse, (Mus musculus). In 13 years of dealing with mouse issues in homes across Leeds I have have only seen this species on a couple of occasions.

Following removal of the unwelcome visitors steps were taken to reduce the chance of problems occurring in the future, gaps around pipes were sealed and mesh grills fitted over the air vents.