Case study: Rats in a yard, terrace property in Leeds

Case study: Rats in a yard, terrace property in Leeds

I won't be giving away any trade secrets, just providing a a brief overview of what I can do to help if you ever need to call a pest control company.

This post details a recent job where I was called in to deal with a family of rats. The rodents had taken up residence in the back yard of a terrace property in Leeds. For a change there were no bird feeders or garden decking involved :)

Rats had taken advantage loose mortar around a drain and had burrowed under the Yorkshire stone flags. This was the second time in 5 years that rats had made a home in this under the flags, however the previous pest controllers proofing work had failed.

First step was to identify what had attracted the rodents to the area. This soon became clear when I opened the gate onto the back street. This was where the bins were stored. Several were overfilled and bags were left out beside the bins, perfect conditions for rats...

Next step was to deal with the rats. The treatment was very simple and a follow up visit was made after few days to check that it was working as planned. On the third visit the rodents were gone so it was time to prevent more rodents moving in. There was not a great deal I could do about the rest of the street other than advise that bins need to be kept closed however it wasn't this homeowners bins that were overfilled. The defect was rodent proofed with steel mesh and finished with cement, hopefully this will keep the rats out for good.

Overall this was a very straightforward job and all completed within a week which a good as I have quite a lot of similar jobs ongoing and booked in to start over next week. If you have a problem with rats please get in touch to see what I can do to help.