Case study: Ant infestation Adel, Leeds

Case study: Ant infestation Adel, Leeds

Generally garden ant control treatments are quite simple if dealt with in March, April and May that is. If left until when the flying ants appear, usually second week in June, garden ants can be very difficult to totally eradicate.

This treatment was one of the early garden ant treatments. Scout ants were visiting a kitchen in a home in Adel, Leeds. The treatment involved placing small amounts of a professional use only ant bait throughout the area the scouts had been seen. The ants then take this food, which contains a slow acting insecticide back to the nest, which can be a considerable distance away. For the treatment to be successful we do not need to find the nest, we let the ants do the work for us.

I called to check if the treatment had worked the following week, which it had. The majority of treatments for ants in Leeds go exactly like this. Treatments later in the season sometimes required multiple applications this is simply due the the number of ants in the nest, more ants require more ant bait. It is for this reason I always tell my customers to book a treatment as soon as the first ants of the season are noted.

If you have seen ants in your home, even if it is just a few, please don't delay in calling pest control. The sooner the problem is dealt with the easier it will be to get a successful outcome.