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Pestek pest control provide professional pest control services in Leeds, Pestek pest control provide professional pest control services in Leeds, Pestek pest control provide professional pest control services in Leeds,
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ULV Insect Fumigation Leeds, Ilkley, Otley & Wetherby

ULV Insect Fumigation Leeds, Ilkley, Otley & Wetherby
Insect Fumigation

Pestek Pest Control provide domestic and commercial ULV Fumigation services inLeeds, Ilkley, Otley & Wetherby and all areas in between.

A ULV "Ultra Low Volume" treatment can be used to quickly control flying insects as well as certain crawling insects. ULV can be used in many situations including on aircraft trains buses and in shipping containers prior to export. The same equipment can be used to perform sanitising treatments and deodorising treatments.

What is ULV?

The World Health Organisation has defined ULV treatments as those employing less than 5 litres/hectare. The optimum size of droplet has been demonstrated using laser holography to be around 15 microns. Our ULV machines produces almost all of its droplets in the optimal range. Only a small fraction of particles produced by a conventional high volume sprayer fall into the optimum size range. Large droplets are wasteful, will not carry well through the air and not effectively reach the insect.

ULV provides a good penetration of insecticide into harbourages and cracks and crevices. The droplets are carried in on air currents and insects are flushed out into contact with more insecticide. Conventional high volume spraying may leave an unsightly deposit of insecticide as well as an unpleasant odour. The ULV technique leaves no visible deposit and will not stain, it is therefore ideal in situations where other insecticide application methods cannot be used. The ULV treatment time is very short, for instance a room in an average house requires under 10 second application time, the droplets produced fall out of the air in approximately 1 hour meaning the vacation time is far less than with a traditional treatment.

ULV insect control treatments

i stock ULV insecticide and sanitising products that can be used in a wide range of situations including for use in aircraft, shipping containers, animal husbandry areas, private housing, food processing areas, warehouses, raw material stores including empty grain silos, hospitals, hotels, public baths, municipal buildings, churches, halls, community centres, cinemas, offices, farms, refuse tips, waste transit stations.

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If you are having problems resolving your pest problem why not call to arrange a professional inspection. I generally only cover the Leeds surrounding postcode areas areas but travel nationwide to deal with larger problems such as bed bugs in hotels. and contract pest control on large commercial sites. However if I am are unable to attend I should be able to recommend a local pest controller.