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Secure Rat Poison Bait Kit Std

Rodent Control > Rat Control Kits
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Raco Poison Bait Blocks 15 Pack

Raco rat poison bait blocks are one of the best selling rodent control bait blocks in the UK. Indicated for both indoor and outdoor use, not only are they are highly effective rat killer blocks, they are also suitable for mice.

Raco rat poison bait blocks are compressed block-like portions of cereal-based rat-bait. Conventionally produced using whole or cut wheat, current studies show that a mix of cereals makes this type of rodenticide highly palatable to rodents.

Raco bait blocks contain a mixture of up to fifteen different cereals, plus added attractants. One noteworthy feature is an 'invitation to nibble': special gnawing surfaces that invite nibbling around the edges. Thus the rodent remains interested in the bait and continues to feed. As the rat consumes its meal it is also consuming the key ingredient in rat poison bait blocks: Difenacoum. The poison is evenly distributed within the blocks. An intake of just nine grams is sufficient to kill a large rat.

Lockable Rat Poison Bait Box x 1

Probably Europe's best value rat bait station, used extensively across the market. This tough, polypropylene, tamper-resistant, lockable bait station is one-third of the price of some other similar rat boxes. Supplied with a metal rod to hold block bait firmly in place. Can also hold Grain based baits. Supplied with a key which provides added security as only the key holder can access the bait.


Always read the label before using rodenticides and ensure the bait is protected from pets and wildlife. Rodenticides should only be used as a last resort please consider proofing and changing the environment first for example blocking up entrance points, cutting back undergrowth and clearing away spilt bird / pet food.

Bait as per the product label and continue baiting until no further activity is noted. Please do not expect overnight results, second generation anticoagulants are designed to work slowly and typically take around 4 days to take effect. The quantity needed will depend on the size of the population.

Product Support

Unlike most online retailers Pestek are actually a pest control company. All our customers are provided with full product support. We can advise on how best to deal with your pest issue and what products will be most useful.

Pest control may look simple but without knowledge of pest biology, habits, product formulation and active ingredients you may not achieve the desired results.

100% customer satisfaction and 5 star reviews are what we aim to achieve from every sale. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions either before or after placing your order.

To speak to a BPCA qualified pest control technician please call direct on 07977108036.
Secure Rat Poison Bait Kit Std Rodent Control > Rat Control Kits
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If you are having problems resolving your pest problem why not call to arrange a professional inspection. I generally only cover the Leeds surrounding postcode areas areas but travel nationwide to deal with larger problems such as bed bugs in hotels. and contract pest control on large commercial sites. However if I am are unable to attend I should be able to recommend a local pest controller.