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How to get rid of rats

How to get rid of rats
Rat Poison Bait can be the most effective way to control rats, however the first thing to consider when attempting to control an infestation is how the rats gained access to your home or garden (or what has attracted them) in the first place. There is always a reason, and it is usually because food and or shelter is easily available.

How to get Rid of Rats

Baits and or traps are secured so that pets, birds and other wildlife can't get hold of it as rat poison will kill them as easily as it will kill rats.

After consideration of the above points I place the secured baits and/or traps in areas where the rats have been noticed. Then check for and remove carcasses as per the product label and continue with the program until no further activity is apparent. I often use rodent tracking dust when dealing with an infestation. Tracking dust can help identify entry points and runs which will help determine where to set rat traps and or rat poison and where to proof to prevent re infestation.


Bird feeders and unsecured household waste all need your immediate attention before you look at investing in traps and rat poison. For rats in the home look for and block access points around your home and consider a drainage fault for repeat infestations.

Rat Biology

Rats are commonly found outdoors, However if the opportunity arises, usually with the onset of winter they often set up home indoors. An entry point around 12mm is all that a rat requires to gain access to your home. However most infestations are due to drainage faults. If repeat infestations occur we highly recommend you seek the help of a professional pest controller and or a drainage expert.

Rats will eat practically anything and will often travel great distances from their harbourage for food and water. They will chew through plaster board, wood and mortar to gain access to food once they have accessed your home.

Rats reach sexual maturity at around 4 months. Pregnancy lasts an average of twenty three days. The average number of litters per year is six with each litter containing six to eight young as you can see from these figures if left a small infestation can quickly turn into a major problem.

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If you are having problems resolving your pest problem why not call to arrange a professional inspection. I generally only cover the Leeds surrounding postcode areas areas but travel nationwide to deal with larger problems such as bed bugs in hotels. and contract pest control on large commercial sites. However if I am are unable to attend I should be able to recommend a local pest controller.