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Ant Killer Powder

Insect Control > Ant Control
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Ant & Insect Killer Powder 1 x 200g

This highly efficient ant and insect killer powder is composed of silicon dioxide, or 'diatomaceous earth', which is a 100% natural product containing no chemicals, therefore insects cannot develop immunity to it.

What is it?

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring soft crumbly sedimentary rock containing fossil remains of diatoms, a type of algae whose characteristic is an extremely hard cell wall made of silicon dioxide or silica. Silicon dioxide is a compound renowned for its hardness; its abrasive properties make it suitable for a variety of applications, including for use as a highly effective insect killer.

How does it work?

The microscopic sharp edges of the diatoms cut into the insect's exoskeleton (or shell) as the insect comes into contact with the powder. The insect loses body fluid through these abrasions, and dies of dehydration.

How is it used?

The powder should be distributed where crawling insects tend to group or transit. It is excellent for eliminating bed bugs. Visible bugs can be vacuumed away and the powder should be applied with a brush to insect harborages, which are those cracks and crevices where insects tend to hide.

This product is an invaluable tool when dealing with any crawling insect and is one we use ourselves. Simply dust the ant runs lightly with a small brush.

Product Support

Unlike most online retailers Pestek are actually a pest control company. All our customers are provided with full product support. We can advise on how best to deal with your pest issue and what products will be most useful.

Pest control may look simple but without knowledge of pest biology, habits, product formulation and active ingredients you may not achieve the desired results.

100% customer satisfaction and 5 star reviews are what we aim to achieve from every sale. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions either before or after placing your order.

To speak to a BPCA qualified pest control technician please call direct on 07977108036.
Ant Killer Powder Insect Control > Ant Control

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If you are having problems resolving your pest problem why not call to arrange a professional inspection. I generally only cover the Leeds surrounding postcode areas areas but travel nationwide to deal with larger problems such as bed bugs in hotels. and contract pest control on large commercial sites. However if I am are unable to attend I should be able to recommend a local pest controller.